Vuelos en globo en La Rioja
Condiciones generales de vuelo en globo

General flight conditions

The essential conditions for any type of flight are as follows:

  1. We met with the passengers early in the morning.
  2. We select a place to take off, and if the passengers wish, they can take part in the balloon inflation process.
  3. A support vehicle picks us up at the landing site.
  4. CLOTHING: Clothing should be appropriate for the time of year. No heavy or bulky objects should be carried. Avoid high heels and tight skirts.
  5. DURATION: The approximate duration of the flight is 60 minutes (depending on the type of flight).
  6. CONFIRMATION: It will be confirmed 48 hours before the flight, depending on weather conditions.
  7. Ballooning depends mainly on weather conditions, therefore, the flight will be conditioned by them.
  8. For safety reasons, pregnant women are not allowed to fly.
  9. Children must be taller than 1.35m, as this is the height of the basket, otherwise they would not be able to see anything. They may not be lifted for safety reasons and must always fly with a responsible adult.
  10. In the event that passengers have pre-existing medical conditions, recent operations, external or internal prosthetic legs, arms, hips, etc., the company must be advised and will analyze each case.