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Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, the atmosphere is more stable in the early morning, winds are calmer and the temperature is more suitable for flying. Conditions change throughout the day, it starts to get hot and flying in these conditions may not be safe.

The weather conditions are fundamental for our activity, therefore, the days prior to the planned flight date, we will follow up on the weather reports and we will be in contact with you.

If the conditions are not suitable, we will look for other dates to make the flight.

Although it is not usual and even if the forecasts are good, changes may occur on the day of the flight that make the flight unsafe. In this case the pilot may decide to cancel the flight and postpone it for another day.

In no case will this imply any cost of the flight activity for the client.

The Law does not establish an age limit for ballooning. Our recommendation is that children should be around 7 years old and, above all, that they should be over 1.35 m tall, as this is the height of the basket and they cannot be lifted up. We do not have any restrictions for seniors.

The only limitations are not being pregnant, having recently undergone surgery and other pre-existing medical conditions. In any case, we recommend you to consult us, as we will evaluate each case.

The duration of a balloon flight is approximately one hour, depending on the weather conditions and the places we find to land. The complete activity lasts about 4 hours.

Hot air balloons cannot be guided like other aircraft. They have no rudder and depend on the wind and the pilot’s ability to control altitude by heating the air inside the envelope.

We depend on wind speed and finding a good place to land. It is possible to make short flights as well as flights of several kilometers.

Our balloons have large baskets in which up to 8 people can fly. In addition, the nacelle is compartmentalized so that all passengers can have their own space and fly comfortably.

Children can fly as long as they are taller than 1.35m, as this is the height of the basket and they cannot be lifted up. Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Each passenger must tell us their approximate weight so that we can make the balloon load calculations.

For safety reasons, we are not allowed to fly pregnant women. The activity is very safe, but it is better to wait.

If any passenger has a pre-existing medical condition, he/she should advise us. We refer to prostheses, mobility problems and other special physical conditions that may condition the performance of the activity. We will analyze each case to determine if it is advisable to fly. Likewise, you should not fly in a balloon if you have recently undergone surgery.

Yes, ballooning is very safe and quiet. In addition, this activity is highly regulated by the Administrations. Our pilots have all their licenses, medical examinations and qualifications in force, in addition to having equipment in a perfect state of revision.

Yes, you can bring your camera and/or binoculars, as the balloon is an excellent platform for taking pictures or video. Of course, you must keep it well in its case when the pilot tells you to do so. The company is not responsible for their loss and deterioration.

Normally, at the altitude at which we usually climb, the temperature is the same as at the surface.

The most important thing is to wear comfortable and appropriate clothing and footwear, clothes like those we can wear for a walk in the countryside. Tight skirts, high heels, sandals or flip-flops should not be worn.

It is advisable to wear comfortable clothing appropriate for the time of year, similar to what we might wear on a walk in the countryside.

The temperature in the balloon is similar to that on the surface so it is not necessary to wear extra warm clothing because of the altitude.

In summer we recommend wearing sunglasses, something to cover your head and sunscreen.

Tight clothing, skirts, high heels, sandals and flip-flops are not allowed.

According to the Air Navigation Law, we are strictly obliged to have an insurance policy that guarantees damages to passengers and third parties.

It can be done the same day of the flight in cash or by bank transfer, once we have coordinated the flight. We do not accept debit/credit cards. In all cases we provide proof of payment and can issue invoices.

Although there are many sizes, we use a balloon whose envelope measures more than 25 meters high, with a basket that fits 8 people and the pilot and has a capacity for 5,100m3 of air.

In a balloon flight, while you are in the air, you will not notice neither the speed nor the intensity of the wind. At the moment of landing you will feel a slight bump on the ground and the basket may tumble or drag a little on the ground until the balloon comes to a complete stop. This is absolutely normal and the balloon is prepared for it.

The pilot will advise when it is time to prepare for landing and will give the necessary indications as to the position in which passengers should be positioned.

Landing is one of the most exciting parts of the flight and, in fact, is the most fun part for many of our passengers.

We would love to be able to assure you that we will fly over your house/city but the balloon can only fly in the direction the wind blows it. In addition, it should be noted that not all areas are suitable for safe flight. Sometimes, if we take off from a nearby place, we could make it, but to avoid disappointment, we cannot guarantee it.