Vuelos en globo en La Rioja



Take a balloon flight!

a unique experience

In GLOBOS LA RIOJA we offer you an original way to get close to nature, having a unique experience and contemplating it all from a hot air balloon flight.

Globos La Rioja

Balloon flights in La Rioja

We offer you different balloon flight options in La Rioja adapted to your needs for a unique experience.
vuelos globo particulares


Discover with Globos La Rioja a different way to get closer to nature, having a unique experience and contemplating everything from a hot air balloon.

vuelos globo empresa


A way to realize projects, business and business services. Team building.

vuelos globo grupos


Come with a group of friends, family and enjoy a wonderful day in company. A fun and original plan to enjoy with the ones you love the most.

What our customers say

"Great experience with great professionals. Thank you all for the kindness, punctuality and professionalism. I will recommend it. And the lunch to finish it off great."

Ana Villar

"An unforgettable experience, the guys who were in charge were very nice and the lunch was great. It could not have been better, a joy to have chosen to fly with them and topped it off with a cava and a lunch of 10."


"Wonderful experience . A great morning, enjoying dreamlike landscapes in good company.


Your safety first

In Globos La Rioja your safety in the balloon is the most important thing. These are the basic safety rules.

Vuelos en globo seguros